Turning prospects
into promoters.

Mia businesses see their review ratings go up by nearly

two stars, and their revenue increase by 10% on average.

Always on

Mia works for you – a marketing assistant that works 24/7 looking for
smart opportunities to market your business.

Captures prospects, even when you miss a phone call.

Analyzes the right data to create messages your customers want to get.

Nudges for a review or drops a new email campaign at just the right time.

Measurable connections
with minimal effort

Looking out of you

Looking out of you

Mia analyzes your account activity and sends suggestions for your next campaign. You can be hands-off and let Mia work for you.

Making Star Appear

Making star appear

Mia reaches out to customers to see if they’d recommend your business and, if they say yes, she follows up with a reminder to leave five star reviews on sites.

Welcome new and returning customers

Welcome new and returning customers

By collecting emails, phone numbers and transaction data, Mia knows the offer your customers would most appreciate. New customers get a welcome offer and loyal customers get rewarded for their continued business through automated offer programs.

No analyst needed

No analyst needed

Every week Mia will analyze your recent activity and send a report of how many new contacts you’ve added, who has given a 5-star review and which of your customers have come back again.

Real success stories

Whether you’re a CMO for a collection of spas, or a CEO for a Fortune 500 business, our clients are connecting with local customers more easily and more effectively than they ever did before.

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